12 Day Guided Trip
Bir, India

14-26 October 2023

12 Day Guided Trip
Bir, India

14-26 October 2023

Join us for 12 days of zesty food, bumpy taxi rides, exotic animals, scenic bivouacs and some of the best flying you will ever experience on the front steps of the Indian Himalayas.

Our Goal

We want to show you the path to fly high above the Himalayan peaks, core thermals with big groups of giant vultures and watch the incredible sunset from our mountain camp spot. We cater our trip specifically to our guests so that they can get the absolute most out of their time in Northern India, both in the air and on the ground. When you return home we want it to be with a new appreciation for this wonderful culture, many amazing memories, epic flights, a new addiction to Indian/Tibetan food and a HUGE SMILE!

Our trip Includes:

From Dehli

Transportation from New Delhi Airport to Bir(and return) is by comfortable Mini Bus. The drive is on average 12 hours and we plan to take a short evening break at the Chandigargh Rock Garden to stretch our legs. The garden full of sculptures that was secretly constructed by Nek Chand Saini and hosts many incredible works of art. Arriving late in Bir we will settle into our comfortable accommodation so we are fresh for flying the next day!

Sleeping in Paradise

Our beautiful accommodation is located a short way outside of Bir on the jungled slopes of the mountain. Finding good quality accommodation for a reasonable price in India can be a real challenge. Through our local contacts we have secured a beautiful and well run guesthouse with both single and double rooms. With incredible views, hot showers, comfy beds and western level facilities, our stay will be both comfortable and homely. On top of this we have a delicious breakfast supplied every morning along with tasty local Masala Chai tea.

To Take Off

We will have our own personal taxi driver whilst staying in Bir. He will drive us every day up to the take off, pick us up if we bomb out and drive us home after a beer and a long day of flying in these magnificent mountains. He will also drive us to and from the town for dinner or any other errand we need.

For the fit and motivated among us, we will have the option to hike up to the take off (approx. 1.5hrs) and also to back to our Guesthouse at the end of the day (30min).


We will also source some local SIM cards for your phones so that it is easy to communicate. Also with sufficient data so that you can keep up to date with everyone back home!

Flying Permit

Your flying permit will be printed and ready before you arrive so you won’t need to waste any time on our first day of flying!

Windy? Rainy?

Statistically speaking, the weather in Himchal Pradesh is very good at this time of year with almost no wind and minimal rain.

While the focus of our trip is flying, we also know how to have fun if the weather does not cooperate. We have lots of back up activities such as:

  • Visiting several different natural hot springs (Tati Pani) in the area around Bir
  • Hike up to visit a Sadhu (Hindi holy man) who has been living up on a mountain for more than 10 years
  • Visiting many different Tibetan and Buddhist temples in the region
  • Day trip to Dharamshala to visit the Dalai Lama!
  • Potential for Hike + Fly Trips if there is too much stability
  • Ground Handling workshop at the landing field

No matter the weather, we always have something to do! However if you would rather read a book on the couch at the guesthouse, that is always an option!

Overnight Bivouac

We will plan at least one overnight stay up on the mountain during the trip. Thanks to our friends at 360 Camp you won’t need to bring any of your own camping equipment and we can enjoy a delicious meal whilst watching the sun set over the flatlands!

Potentially we can do further overnight camps depending on availability of equipment.

Your Guides

Follow Mani and Tzak over the high peaks and navigate the long beautiful valleys of Himchal Pradesh.

We adjust our guiding style depending on the abilities and wishes of our guests. Our focus is on helping you improve your thermal flying, top-landing (where applicable) and ground skills.

With many decades of flying experience between us, we aim to safely expand your comfort zone in high mountain flying and exploration. Every day will be customized depending on the weather so that we can make the most out of our time in these superb Himalayan mountains.

Mani first visited Bir on an overland paragliding trip with his brother. They started in Turkey and drove all the way through Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal in 2006. Since then he has been returning almost every year to Bir because of the amazing vol-bivouac possibilities, the Tibetan culture and “Himalayen feeling”. He is deeply imbedded in the Bir community and knows the local mountains like the back of his hand.

Tzak (Jack) learned to fly in 2013 in Norway. He moved to the Alps in 2017 to be closer to the big mountains and work professionally as a tandem pilot. Since then he has focused on every aspect of flying including acro, xc, siv, speedriding, vol biv and more recently hike + fly competitions. He has a large understanding of instructing, weather and advanced flying techniques.

What you Need

What you need to bring:

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