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Next 7 Day Course Scheduled: 26/05/24 - 1/06/24

Comprehensive 7 day SIV & Ground Handling course

7 Day SIV + Ground handling Course

Join Us for 7 days of fun and progression in Lake Garda, one of the best SIV/Acro training locations in the world! Learn how to control your glider on the ground and in the air with this combined course that solely focuses making you are safer and better pilot.

We have the “teach a man to fish……” approach to SIV. We hope that you will leave our 7 day course confident enough to continue training the maneuvers you have mastered during the SIV training, on your own in your home flying location. That way you can continue your progression alone so you become more independent and confident!

PRevention & Recovery:

We teach both basic and advanced Ground Handling techniques in all types of wind conditons. This is in order to improve your glider control and reaction speed. Ground handling is the way we can teach you to PREVENT problems before they even occur.

SIV Training is our RECOVERY after our reaction or inputs have been too slow or inadequate to prevent the incident (collapse, stall, spin) from happening.


The instruction of the SIV Course is entirely in ENGLISH. For ease of instruction, organisation and understanding we will only be speaking English. If you wish to participate in the course you must be fluent in understanding English (speaking English is less important).

If you are searching a course in German, we highly recommend Heli Schrempf who has 15+years experience and also teaches SIV Courses here in Lake Garda.

Flight Area: Lago di Garda, Italy

  •           Access to Monte Baldo (1760m) via Malcesine Funivia (Cablecar)
  •           1700m Height Difference (approximately 1200m over the lake)
  •           Rescue Boat
  •           Landing Bar for food and refreshments
  •           One of the best ground-handling Landing Fields in the world
  •          High good weather reliability. Garda is one of the most consistently flyable locations in the alps!
  • Amazing Italian food and culture!

CouRse Outline:

Day 1: Gear Check, Orientation, Introduction Flight

Day 2: Instruction, Maneuvres and Debrief

Day 3: Instruction, Maneuvres and Debrief

Day 4: Free Fly Day to practice the maneuvres alone (optional)

Day 5: Instruction, Maneuvres and Debrief

Day 6: Instruction, Maneuvres and Debrief

Day 7: Instruction, Maneuvres and Debrief

Day 8 (optional): Back up day in case of bad weather. Instruction, Maneuvres, Rescue Throw (optional), Overall Debriefing.

What is included:

  •           Radio loan
  •           Automatic Inflating Life Jacket loan
  •           Rescue Boat
  •           Orientation of flying in Garda (understanding the strong wind and different landing approaches)
  •           Full explanation of maneuvres, in-flight instruction, and video debrief.
  •           Daily Groundhandling Instruction. Advance strong wind techniques such as cobra, reverse cobra and ground spin.
  • Rescue Parachute re-packs (as required)
  • Replacement gas cartridge for life vests
  • We hope to include a minimum of 12 flights over 7 days. The 8th day will be available as a back up day in case of day(s) lost to bad weather.

What is NOT included:

  •           Cablecar tickets (10per lift)
  •           Accommodation
  •           Transport to/from Malcesine.
  • Food and drinks

What you need to bring:

  •           Valid Paragliding License
  •           Full Comprehensive Insurance (covers SIV in your home country) and 3rd Party Liability Insurance
  •           Your own flying equipment: Glider, rescue and harness. Equipment must be of flightworthy condition.
  •           (Optional) Knee-mount with Camera – Great for safely recording manoeuvres for better analysis.
  • (Optional) Sense of Humour


We do not supply accommodation for the course but we highly recommend staying at Camping Tonini (camping option) or Casa Tonini (comfortable B&B but a little pricier). They are both very conveniently located directly by to the Landing Field, are paraglider friendly (don’t mind us hanging rescues and gliders to dry) and our Debrief room is in the middle of the campground. 


Descent Methods: BIG Ears, Falling Leaf (Big Ears, Bar, Small Wingovers), Counter Collapse Spiral, Spiral, Wingovers, B-Line (optional)

Pitch Maneuvres: Dolphin, Rapid Entry-Rapid Exit

Collapses and Direction Control: 25% A Line Collapse and control direction, 50% A Line Collapse and control direction, Trim Speed Frontal Collapse, Accelerated Frontal Collapse, Trim Speed Asymmetric Collapse, Accelerated Asymmetric Collapse

Stall: Fullstall, finding Backfly Point, Acro Stall, Manouvering in Backfly, Dynamic Stall (optional), Parachutal stall (optional)

Spin: Slow Speed Spin Recovery, Trim to Spin, Spin Stall

Critical Situations: When to throw a Rescue, How to throw a Rescue, Twists, Auto-Rotation

Acro Progression:

(Serial Gliders): Helicopter, Misty, SAT

(Acro/Freestyle Gliders): Mactwist, Asymetric SAT, SAT – Heli, Heli – SAT, Cowboy, Cork, Looping (Inversion)

Ground handling:

Light Wind: Reverse Launch, Forward Launch

Strong Wind: Cobra Launch, Reverse Cobra Launch, Rosette Launch

Advanced: Ground Backfly, Groundspin

We have a limited number of ground handling speedgliders for when wind is extremely strong so you wont get dragged on your big glider!

Alternative Activities:

Obviously the focus of the course is on flying and progressing as much as possible. However, If the weather is impossible to fly on any particular day of the course, we have a lot of great suggestions for back up activities

  • Wine Tasting in Bordolino
  • Heritages sites such as the Malcesine Castle
  • Ferry visit to Limone
  • Try Kitesurf, Windsurf or Wing Foiling
  • Hike up Monte Baldo
  • Mountain Biking
  • Climbing in Arco
  • Theoretical lessons on Weather, Acro, XC
  • Rescue Re-Pack Lesson

Further QUestions:

If you have any further questions please use the CONTACT FORM, email us on [email protected] or whatsapp +436602376350!

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